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The  Hogfather Service


A Hog Roast is an impressive sight when cooking, golden brown and covered in crackling giving visual impact coupled with delicious food . A whole pig takes approx. 5 to 6 hours to roast. When the buffet is ready to serve, our suitably attired chef begins carving with all the ceremony a feast deserves.


From start to finish, Hogfather are committed to providing a high quality and dependable Hog Roast and BBQ service. Our spit roast and BBQ equipment is without question, top of the range, practical, easy to use. and can be transported within the Beds, Bucks, Essex, Herts, Kent and the  whole London area with ease.

Hogfather Hog Roasts are available throughout the year for Weddings, Anniversaries, Fetes, BBQ, Christenings,Christmas parties,  Corporate events, School functions and  promotions etc.



Thinking of hosting a pig roast or BBQ catering event or party!


The smell of a  Pig Roast is irresistible, the meat is succulent & tasty and the crackling of a Pig Roast is just to die for. Whatever type of event you are hosting, a  Pig Roast is the perfect solution.


Why not consider a Herts Hogfather pig roast, lamb roast or a BBQ as the finishing touch to that special event!


                                           Hogfather Hog Roast and BBQ  event catering



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If you’re planning to host an event for a medium to large group of people, such as a wedding reception, or perhaps a gathering of friends or business colleagues, then you should consider featuring one of our superb hog roast, lamb, spit roast or BBQ.

Hi Ellis,


We just wanted to thank you for catering at our party Saturday. The food was absolutely delicious and we have had many comments telling us it was the best hog roast our friends and family have ever had. We would also like to thank you for the professional service you gave us from setting up to serving and then finally clearing up – it certainly allowed us to concentrate on our guests inside.  I’m sorry I never got to say good bye, I did come out but unfortunately you had already packed up and gone. I do hope you didn’t get too cold!


Hopefully you will get some future business from our friends and family as they were all very impressed.


Thanks again for help making our twin sons’ 18th special.



Sally Seagrave.

Recent Customer


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  Hogfather Hog Roast and BBQ Event Catering

Please Note: Our preference is always to cook on-site to ensure our stringent standards are maintained. Our hog roasts are always prepared and cooked from scratch at the venue unless requested otherwise. Please be aware for planning purposes, that our arrival time will be at least four to six hours before the scheduled food serving time.


All of our staff coming into contact with food, are fully accredited to both level one and level two certification standards with the Chartered Institution of Environmental Health.