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How many people can you cater for?

We have provided a hog roast for a dinner party of 30 guests, and have no upper limit, as we have facilities to cook several pigs  


What about food standards / hygiene? 

We have our own hand washing facilities, all our staff are qualified in food hygiene, we are registered with and annually inspected.  


Can you come to an indoor venue?

Yes. We present the pig on a stainless hot plate on our purpose made stand. Our unique methods mean there is minimal mess.


Some of our guests may not eat pork?

No problem, we can cook some beef, venison, turkey, vegetarian - just ask us and we'll find a solution  


Do you need power?

No. We provide our own fuel and gas. We may need you to provide lighting.  


How long will you serve for?

Normally, about two hours. This gives everyone chance to come back for seconds! Any pork that is left, we will leave on platters, along with any remaining bread rolls.


How do you get the pork to taste so good?

Sorry, it's a secret!



What if I can't decide whether to have a carvery or a hog roast?

The important thing is to book the date. Summer weekends get booked up early- the menu can be confirmed nearer the time.  


Why should we hire you? 

The majority of our customers have been guests at another of our hog roasts. The taste and service speak for themselves.


What is the difference between a hog roast and a spit roast?


With a hog roast, the pig sits in a tray and does not turn whilst cooking.

With a spit roast, the pig is put on a pole and turns whilst cooking.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Hog Roasting?


Hog roasting is a very easy method of cooking. It requires very little monitoring or work. Simply place your pig in the tray, score, water and salt your pig, switch on the burners, in 5 – 6 hours time you will have a perfectly cooked pig* with crispy crackling. Hog roast machines are great for hiring out as they can be easily used by any novice hog roaster. They are also cheaper to purchase in the first place too! What’s more, they do not require electricity and this makes for hassle free hog roasting!




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