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  Herts Hog Roast Specialise in Pork and BBQ Event Catering

Thinking of hosting a Hog Roast or BBQ in the Herts Area. We are available throughout the year for Weddings, Anniversaries, Fetes, BBQ, Christenings, Corporate events, School functions and promotions in Essex and surrounding areas.

Hosting a Hog Roast, BBQ Catering Event or Party in Hertfordshire!

The smell of a Hog Roast is irresistible, the meat is succulent & tasty and the crackling of Hog Roast is just to die for. Whatever type of event you are hosting, a Hog Roast is the perfect solution.

Why not consider a  Hog roast or a BBQ as the finishing touch to that special event!

The Hogfather Service

The Hog Roast is an impressive sight when cooking, golden brown and covered in crackling giving visual impact coupled with delicious food . A whole pig takes approx. 5 to 6 hours to roast. When the buffet is ready to serve, our suitably attired chef begins carving with all the ceremony it requires.

From start to finish, Herts Hogfather are committed to providing a high quality and dependable Hog Roast and BBQ service. Our mobile roasting oven is practical, easy to use. and can be transported within the Herts, Beds and Bucks area with ease.

Having gas powered spit roast and BBQ machines and the use of a small generator allows us to be highly portable when required.

Please note: To ensure our stringent hygiene standards are maintained, our hog roasts are always prepared and fully cooked at the venue. Therefore, please be aware, for planning purposes that our arrival time will be at least five to six hours before the scheduled food serving time.

All of our staff coming into contact with food, are fully accredited to Level two certification standards with the Chartered Institution of Environmental Health.

The Spit Rotisserie method of cooking is the oldest known to man and has been around since the discovery of fire back in the stone ages.

Rotisserie cooking notably gained huge popularity in the medieval times and became largely associated with any celebration or festive gathering.

Herts Hogfather also provide superb rotisserie chicken for your Wedding or special event in the Herts area.