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The essential difference between our Hog Roasts and Spit Roast machines is that the former is cooked inside a large roasting tray (left hand side image) and the latter on a spit (right hand side image).


Using the Hog Roasting tray, we believe produces a more tender product due to its ability to slow cook over many hours without falling off the bone. Spit Roast is also very good but cannot be slow cooked as long as the Hog Roast method due to it rotating on the spit (without the meat falling off). The Hog Roast method is also much easier to cook for the novice, However, some may prefer the more visual aspect of a Spit Roast and therefore we offer both options for rental
















Cooking times vary depending on the size of pig but typically 5 to 6 hours for a 50 to 60 kg pig.


An approximate guide for catering numbers with an average size pig (50-60kg) :-


Formal dinner:-up to 120 servings per pig


Bread buns:- up to 150 servings per pig


Please Note: Very Important. All of our equipment is CE certificated and delivered with a fully certified CORGI gas certificate.  Do not under estimate the necessity of these requirements to ensure appropriate coverage under your house hold /business insurance policy. Several companies offer Hog Roast rental equipment for hire that do not meet these stringent and mandated safety legal requirements dictated by  the European Union and United Kingdom!.


 In the interest of safety and your protection, if it’s not properly certified,  give it a miss!


The spit is rotated by a reliable and robust British built motor of 240V, which will run and run. The motor is attached to the machine by very strong 9mm steel brackets allowing you to easily remove it when transporting or serving. (WILL FIT IN THE REAR OF ESTATE CAR OR 4 X 4) 


Collect Hog Roast Machine Rental- CE certified Hog Roast Machine and gas bottle only. Cleaned by client (24hr hire). £245.00.


Monthly Hog Roast Machine Rental: £500.00. No gas.


DIY Hog Roast. Do It Yourself with a half a hog dressed and fitted to a Hog Roast machine  Cleaned by client (24hr hire). £315.00.


DIY Hog Roast. Do It Yourself with a hog of 40 - 50 kg (110 lbs) hog dressed and fitted to a Hog Roast machine  Cleaned by client (24hr hire). £395.00.


DIY Hog Roast the same as the Do It Yourself above but with a larger hog of 50 - 62 kg (136lbs) hog dressed and fitted to machine.. Cleaned by client (24hr hire). £415.00


Additional Hire Item:

- Pop up gazeebo (3m)  £19.00

- Chafing dishes x 2 including fuel - £14.00

- Portable catering table = £7.00

- Table cloth = £3.00

- Fire exstinguisher, First aid kit, fire blancket = £4.00

Hog Roast Machine Rental From £245.00


Hog Roast/Spit Roast

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          Hog Roast Machine

         Spit  Roast Machine

Our machines can be used  both inside and outside for cooking