Hogfather Pricing

Hog Roast price list may vary subject to catering time and date of event.


Number of Guests Price
up to 50 £595.00
up to 75 £645.00
up to 100 £695.00
up to 125 £745.00
up to 150 £795.00
up to 175 £845.00
up to 200 £895.00 5.00
up to 225 Please enquire
up to 250 Please enquire
Rotisserie Chicken Please enquire
Spit Roast Lamb Please enquire
Vegetarian Option £5.25 per person (min 5 guests)
Hog Roast machine rental from £245:00
Hog Roast rental plus half a pig £315.00
Hog Roast rental plus 100lb pig £395.00
Hog Roast rental plus 130ib pig £435:00
Quality 3 meat /fish/BB and salad £9.90 per person
Lamb subject to market prices Please enquire
Freshly cooked pig, delivered. U carve £450.00
Cinders caterer BBQ rental £85.00
Porcelain plates and silverware £1.65 per person (taken away dirty)
Porcelain dessert bowls and spoons £0.70 per person (taken away dirty)
Coffee / Tea (disposable cups) £0.95 per person